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Solutions Overview


Members of the Consortium offer a variety of skills and technologies, which when grouped and linked together with the technologies of other Consortium members, results in a greater, better and financially more viable Project. The Consortium's Executive Board will propose and package projects/solutions to African Governments, whom in turn, with the assistance of the Board, will seek to obtain the necessary funding from International Organisations, such the EU Commission, USAID and the African Development Bank.

Once a Project has been approved for funding, the Consortium, will Build, Operate and eventually Transfer (BOT) the project to the final beneficiary. Each project will be unique and different, and will comprise of different technologies and methodologies. The nature of each project will be defined and determined by the Board in conjunction with members of the Consortium. Each element of the project will be assigned to various Consortium members, whilst the interconnectivity and overall conception of the whole project will be managed by the Board.

The Consortium will generate new opportunities for each member within the Consortium. Ultimately the Consortium is a Sales and Marketing arm generating opportunities by amalgamating its member's varying skills.