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Current Projects

The Consortium’s rapid housing construction partner have been assigned a project to build over 5,000 homes in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. We too are in the feasibility stage of an aquaculture farming project in the Ivory Coast.

The Consortium via their aquaculture partner are involved in an aquaculture project along the shores of lake Volta. A detailed business plan and feasibility study describe a RAS system with hatchery and grow-out facility producing catfish. The Consortium will become an investor in this their first aquaculture project. The scoping of the site and finalizing a partnership with a local Ghanaian partner will be completed in Q3 2013

Further to the Consortium’s CEO meeting Her Excellency the President of Malawi in March 2103, a full-scale Integrated Aquaculture Farm has been approved by a special Task Force setup by the President. The Consortium have produced a detailed executive summary and pre-feasibility study, which have lead to a Terms of Reference document required by for the Ministry of Finance (Malawi) whom in all likelihood are going to fund the feasibility study. This will lead to Malawi becoming the first African country to have a full-scale Integrated Aquaculture Farm. The farm too will be a model example and reference for NEPAD, whom have their aquaculture node in the country’s capital. A bankable business plan is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.

The consortium have been working closely with Governor’s office in Kinshasa to build a pilot housing project comprisingof 100 units including apartments, duplexes, villas and social homes. The pilot project will lead tophase two comprising tens of thousands of homes in the capital. This project requires a full service pack offered by consortium’s partners including architectural, engineering and town planning input, infrastructural design and a solution that addressesenergy consumption, sewerage, water treatment and the like.


The most advanced project undertaken by the consortium in 2013 is an Integrated Aquaculture Farm along the West Coast 150 km from Cape Town. The proposed project uses the RAS system, cultivating a much sought after salmonids species that is in huge demand both in South Africa and abroad. The business plan will be completed in Q3 2013 and already a number of investors have expressed interest investing in the project. The project is set to become the flagship project of the consortium and it is anticipated that construction will start at the end of Q4 2013.